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Jul 012011
  • Author:Keith Courtenay
  • Binding:Paperback
  • EAN:9781876494100
  • Edition:2Rev Ed
  • ISBN:1876494107
  • Label:The Oracle Press
  • Languages:
  • Manufacturer:The Oracle Press
  • NumberOfPages:245
  • PackageDimensions:
  • ProductGroup:Book
  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_BOOK
  • PublicationDate:1999-03
  • Publisher:The Oracle Press
  • Studio:The Oracle Press
  • Title:Colloidal Silver: The Hidden Truth
Jul 012011

This clearly written, informative publication thoroughly explains colloids, ways of making colloidal silver, early uses, rediscovering the universal antimicrobial, visual qualities, safety and effectiveness, and modern day uses,
It also has an excellent bibliography with references and resources,

When properly prepared, colloidal silver is a completely non-toxic, tasteless, internally and externally applicable, broad-spectrum germ fighter and disinfectant which can significantly reduce the length and severity of many bacterial infections,
For these reasons and more, colloidal silver should prove to be one of the greatest discoveries in preventive, natural health care of all time,

Discovering the Universal Antimicrobial
Silver is one of the most universal antibiotic substances,
When administered in the colloidal form, it is for all practical purposes, non-toxic,
Silver has been proven to be useful against hundreds of infectious conditions,
Although the exact mechanism for the proven antimicrobial effects of silver is unknown, the most accepted theory is that silver disables the specific enzyme that many forms of bacteria, viruses and fungi utilize for their metabolism,

  • Author:Zane Baranowski
  • Binding:Paperback
  • EAN:9780964708013
  • ISBN:0964708019
  • Label:Healing Wisdom Pubns
  • Languages:
  • Manufacturer:Healing Wisdom Pubns
  • PackageDimensions:
  • ProductGroup:Book
  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_BOOK
  • PublicationDate:1995-06
  • Publisher:Healing Wisdom Pubns
  • Studio:Healing Wisdom Pubns
  • Title:Colloidal Silver: The Natural Antibiotic Alternative
Jul 012011

This book is an account of the uses and benefits of Colloidal Silver sometimes described as nature’s antibiotic,

The use of silver to treat infections goes back a great many years and much has been written of it’s successes for a vast number health problems,

The author has had some considerable experience treating himself and others including children with remarkable success,

  • Author:William McEwan
  • Binding:Kindle Edition
  • Edition:1
  • Format:Kindle eBook
  • Label:William McEwan
  • Languages:
  • ListPrice:
  • Manufacturer:William McEwan
  • NumberOfItems:1
  • ProductGroup:eBooks
  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_EBOOKS
  • PublicationDate:2011-06-08
  • Publisher:William McEwan
  • ReleaseDate:2011-06-08
  • Studio:William McEwan
  • Title:Colloidal Silver
Jul 012011

This is a 3-in-1 reference book,
It gives a complete medical dictionary covering hundreds of terms and expressions relating to colloidal silver,
It also gives extensive lists of bibliographic citations,
Finally, it provides information to users on how to update their knowledge using various Internet resources,
The book is designed for physicians, medical students preparing for Board examinations, medical researchers, and patients who want to become familiar with research dedicated to colloidal silver,
If your time is valuable, this book is for you,
First, you will not waste time searching the Internet while missing a lot of relevant information,
Second, the book also saves you time indexing and defining entries,
Finally, you will not waste time and money printing hundreds of web pages,

  • Binding:Paperback
  • Creator:Health Publica Icon Health Publications
  • DeweyDecimalNumber:610
  • EAN:9780597838347
  • ISBN:0597838348
  • Label:ICON Health Publications
  • Languages:
  • ListPrice:
  • Manufacturer:ICON Health Publications
  • NumberOfItems:1
  • NumberOfPages:108
  • PackageDimensions:
  • ProductGroup:Book
  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_BOOK
  • PublicationDate:2003-12-12
  • Publisher:ICON Health Publications
  • SKU:I9780597838347
  • Studio:ICON Health Publications
  • Title:Colloidal Silver – A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References
Jul 012011

This digital document is a journal article from International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, published by Elsevier in 2006,
The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Amazon,
com Media Library immediately after purchase,
You can view it with any web browser,

Description :
In this study both the anti-bacterial properties and strength of cockroach avoidance of laminate wood floorings containing colloidal silver is evaluated,
The laminate wood flooring manufactured with the overlay added with resin containing colloidal silver ion showed an antibacterial activity of up to 98,
For colloidal silver-treated, laminate wood flooring, the relative avoidance rate was 87+/-1%,
With colloidal silver treatment onto the surface of the laminate wood flooring, using melamine-formaldehyde resin for overlay paper impregnation, laminate wood flooring was developed as an environmentally friendly material for residential application,

  • Author:S. Kim
  • Author:H.-J. Kim
  • Binding:Digital
  • Format:HTML
  • Label:Elsevier
  • Languages:
  • ListPrice:
  • Manufacturer:Elsevier
  • NumberOfPages:7
  • ProductGroup:Book
  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_EBOOKS
  • PublicationDate:2006-04-01
  • Publisher:Elsevier
  • Studio:Elsevier
  • Title:Anti-bacterial performance of colloidal silver-treated laminate wood flooring [An article from: International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation]
Jul 012011

From the past, new hope for the diseases of today! Colloidal Silver was once used world wide to fight infections and prevent disease,
Prior to 1938 Colloidal Silver was used to treat over 650 infectious conditions,
It was very costly to produce, and was replaced by antibiotics,
Today thousands are dying from antibiotic resistant diseases,
Fortunately, every dark cloud has a silver lining! Highly technical “electrocolloidal” processing techniques bring us Colloidal Silver better than ever at a fraction of the original cost,
A Quick Read Health Book,

  • Author:Tonita d’Raye
  • Binding:Paperback
  • EAN:9781889887036
  • ISBN:188988703X
  • Label:Awieca Inc.
  • ListPrice:
  • Manufacturer:Awieca Inc.
  • NumberOfPages:15
  • ProductGroup:Book
  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_BOOK
  • PublicationDate:1998-12-15
  • Publisher:Awieca Inc.
  • Studio:Awieca Inc.
  • Title:The Wonder Cure Time Forgot, Colloidal Silver, Revised Edition
Jul 012011

Colloidal Silver ,
@ntibiotic Superhero is a comprehensive, encyclopedic workbook,

It is the summation of three years research by a passionate group on a quest to understand the elixir that healed a flu virus in January of 1998 (8 oz,
x 4 days; PPM unk,

The group went to work and quickly went past 9v batteries and beyond the colloidal silver bottlers’ traditional source of power to develop new alternative power sources,
Five were recognized, but one stood out as the most available, cheapest and duplicatable,
In thinking the idea might not be accepted, we sought validation from industry leaders,
We knew they would seize the concept and add all their whistles and bells,
But all we ever wanted was for people everywhere to know the elixir existed,
and worked! So now the worlds’ simplest colloidal silver generator has been turned into yet another black box, and is being sold for over 250 times the value of its original design! Some will willingly pay that price, but you don’t have to,
because we’re giving you this simple design here,
in this book,
for free!

Colloidal silvers’ benefits were known by the pharmaceutical giants back in the 1920s, but naturally occurring minerals in water aren’t patentable,
they couldn’t profit from it! Instead they developed 112 silver containing drugs,
Then they created the FDA for protection,
Now that a simpler manufacturing method has spawned university studies that have proven colloidal silver’s viability, these same pharmaceutical companies want the competition removed from the shelves,
The FDA can’t justify that- yet,
But what they did do amounts to the death knell for colloidal silver marketing,
The FDA has made its Final Ruling, clearly at the behest of the drug thugs,
Consumers can now only get colloidal silver in bottles labeled as : “mineral supplement”,
They’re trying to force colloidal silver into oblivion,
We won’t let them,

So this book “steps up to the plate, at the bottom of the ninth- with bases loaded”,
Timing is everything,
The ,
@ntibiotic Superhero is here to save the day! Those not informing themselves about alternatives to the medical professions’ allopathic stranglehold may not make it past the many drug resistant pathogens that now exist,
We’ve all heard the stories of hospitals as breeding grounds for mutated infectious agents,
Add the reported antibiotic shortages and we can see why top virologists have stated that we are in trouble! But these dangers are no match for the life saving effects of colloidal silver,
the one-cent solution,

This is the first truly complete tell-all on colloidal silver,

It includes all you will need to immediately make the elixir for a penny’s worth of silver and a nickels worth of water,

The components for the proprietary designs shared here require no assembly and come from Wal*Mart or RadioShack,
Many will find the necessary parts already in their home,
For instant gratification this new book comes with the worlds’ simplest colloidal silver generator,

Pop out your free demo generator and the color graph you’ll use to ensure proper strength,
Now flip through the books’ pictures,
You’ll see the vitamin/electrolyte that makes it all easy,
Read the simple directions, gather the household items and make your colloidal silver elixir!

An alphabetical list of 132 medical conditions shows uses prior to and after the FDA started,
There’s more : history, chemistry, studies, new dosage concepts,
Everything known to date!

You will also find our newest discoveries about water that can guarantee serious savings,

We changed the industry,
Plus, we’re the ones who care enough to give standard silver~ and readily available designs,
and our free generator,
We are here to empower you,

Plugged in, the silver rods begin to show activity- one bubbles, the other ejects particles,

The atomic-sized ions of silver you see are not yet big enough to qualify as medical grade,
Add a pinch of electrolyte- the now yellow/gold color indicates safe, proper sized colloids,

With just 30-90 seconds per ounce of water, you will get the health giving results you seek,
You will safeguard from disease, and perhaps even save the lives of, well,

  • Author:Johnny Silverseed
  • Binding:Paperback
  • DeweyDecimalNumber:615
  • EAN:9780970825605
  • Edition:Book and Access
  • ISBN:0970825609
  • Label:Mad As Hell Pr
  • Languages:
  • ListPrice:
  • Manufacturer:Mad As Hell Pr
  • NumberOfPages:96
  • PackageDimensions:
  • ProductGroup:Book
  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_BOOK
  • PublicationDate:2001-07
  • Publisher:Mad As Hell Pr
  • Studio:Mad As Hell Pr
  • Title:Colloidal Silver : Antibiotic Superhero
Jul 012011

This book is a comprehensive, current and objective reference on colloidal silver,
It is a thorough review of old and recent scientific and medical literature on the medical and toxicological aspects of silver colloids,

  • Author:John W Hill
  • Binding:Paperback
  • DeweyDecimalNumber:610
  • EAN:9781884979088
  • Edition:3rd
  • ISBN:1884979084
  • Label:Clear Springs Press
  • Languages:
  • ListPrice:
  • Manufacturer:Clear Springs Press
  • NumberOfItems:1
  • NumberOfPages:124
  • PackageDimensions:
  • ProductGroup:Book
  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_BOOK
  • PublicationDate:2009-03-29
  • Publisher:Clear Springs Press
  • SKU:I9781884979088
  • Studio:Clear Springs Press
  • Title:Colloidal Silver Medical Uses, Toxicology & Manufacture
Jul 012011

Colloidal silver is becoming the people’s germ killer cheap, easily manufactured, and effective,
Thoroughly documented with the latest findings from leading researchers working with colloidal silver, this book will answer many of the questions about this amazing substance,
You’ll discover how colloidal silver is being used as an alternative to antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal products, and read testimonials from people who have been helped by its healing power,
Includes plans to build a simple colloidal silver generator which will allow you to make colloidal silver at home for pennys an ounce,
Photos, illustrations

  • Author:Warren Jefferson
  • Binding:Paperback
  • DeweyDecimalNumber:615.2654
  • EAN:9781570671548
  • ISBN:1570671540
  • Label:Healthy Living Publications
  • Languages:
  • ListPrice:
  • Manufacturer:Healthy Living Publications
  • NumberOfItems:1
  • NumberOfPages:64
  • PackageDimensions:
  • ProductGroup:Book
  • ProductTypeName:ABIS_BOOK
  • PublicationDate:2003-11-01
  • Publisher:Healthy Living Publications
  • SKU:M1570671540
  • Studio:Healthy Living Publications
  • Title:Colloidal Silver Today: The All Natural, Wide-Spectrum Germ Killer
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