The Miracles of Silver in Water


Silver Water, or Colloidal Silver (as it is more commonly known) has been known for its medicinal and infection fighting benefits since the late 1800s. Colloidal Silver is simply the suspension of pure silver in distilled water. Good Quality Colloidal Silver has no stabilizers, additives or proteins. It only has pure silver and pure distilled water.
It has been used as a preservative for food, water and even milk. In the form of silver nitrate, silver is still being used in eye drops for newborns to fight eye infections.
There are Colloidal Silver eye drops, Colloidal Silver mouth wash, Silver Spray, and even silver suspended in soap as an anti-bacterial soap. All colloidal silver has been known to be very effective against viruses.
Silver, when administered in the colloidal form, is a powerful natural antibiotic and disinfectant. Colloidal silver acts as a catalyst in influencing a change in the occurrence of a reaction in one celled organisms. It does not enter into any chemical reactions with the body tissues as any one-celled life uses a different method of oxygen metabolism. The presence of colloidal silver kills all existence of virus, fungus, bacteria by crippling their oxygen-metabolizing enzyme. The dead organism is then cleared out of the body by the immune system. This is why germs cannot build a resistance to silver in water.
One of today’s known problems, is that man-made antibiotics are known to reduce the body’s immune system and can kill off many of the body’s essential enzymes. Colloidal silver doesn’t do that. It doesn’t harm those essential enzymes as they are particularly different to other single-celled enzymes. Colloidal silver actually heals with less resulting scar tissue. The chemical nature of silver has always been such that it will never form any toxic compounds in the body. When it is silver in water, the chances of toxic build-up from silver are further reduced because in the stabilized state, silver doesn’t react with anything else in the body except oxygen. Once it has done its work, by helping to destroy the virus or bacteria, the body does it’s natural thing by cleansing the body of the silver particles, as well as the dead virus/bacteria by flushing it out of the body.
Colloidal silver is known to work very fast – mostly 6 minutes within contact. One of the many books published by Dr Hulda Clark, was called The Cure for HIV and AIDS, where she stated that they cured 53 cases of AIDS in the 1st year. She is an adamant supporter of natural healing without drugs, and man-made toxins.
When silver interacts with pathogens, they do not have the time to mutate into a resistant strain because the silver is so fast. Basically, body tissues having 5 ppm of silver in water will be virus-void. Silver particles can live long in the body as they do not enter any reaction. The mere proximity of silver will kill the disease causing enzymes as it transfers oxygen and nutrients through their cell walls.
This way, silver in water also has the benefits of helping prevent any illness from injuries or toxic substances. Taking colloidal silver daily reduces the load on the body’s immune system and also lessens the natural fungus activity which occurs in the body. Tests have been conducted to prove that the friendly bacteria in the large intestine are not affected by this second immune system.
Colloidal silver is even known to work against cancer. Some types of cancer are caused by virus. These viruses hit the body’s cell productive system. This is where silver in water kills the cancerous cell. Another book by Dr Hulda Clark, called The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers.
Colloidal silver is also used in purification of water as a silver bactericide. Water stored with one or two tablespoons of silver in water per 5 liters will be safe for a long period of time. Go into any camping store, and ask them for a water purification liquid, and they will give you a water purifying treatment with silver as one of the ingredients. This water will be drinkable, and also beneficial to the body. Many airlines use silver water filters. Even NASA, after testing 23 methods of disinfecting water, has chosen a silver water system for its space shuttle and international space station. Also, even if a mere one half teaspoon of colloidal silver is added to home-canned foods, the food will not only be bacteria and fungus free but also will help in the digestion process. A one half teaspoon of silver water in left-over food will keep it fresh longer.
Truly, silver in water has many health benefits.

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