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Apr 202012

A Deconstruction of Colloidal Silver:


The health benefits of silver are widely known, as it has been in use over the centuries as the best known natural antimicrobial agent and an effective disinfectant. Over such a large span of time, pure silver has found uses in a range of functions, from purifying water to treating several illnesses.

Colloidal silver refers to the suspension of microscopic silver particles in a liquid, leading to what is known as a ‘colloid’. There has been records in history which has stated the use of silver in the colloidal form as an internal medicine to treat several diseases. The credibility of silver in disease treatment was also vouched for by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. It is one of the few heavy metals that are not toxic to man. The wide range of uses that it spans has resulted in extensive usage of silver in different forms for different purposes.

The silver ions have the oligodynamic property which is responsible for their antiseptic nature, killing bacteria, fungi, viruses and pathogens. The mechanism of action is that the silver ions serve to disrupt those enzymes that are essential in carrying out vital processes in the micro-organism, thereby killing it.

Since centuries, colloidal silver has been one popularly used form of silver to treat many disease conditions. The colloidal silver products are liquid suspensions of silver particles in different concentrations, and some manufacturers bind these particles to some proteins too, in the formulations. The formulations of silver in colloidal form in various concentrations has been used to treat many infectious conditions like yeast infections and bacterial infections like eczema, allergies, etc.

There has been a lot of debate fuelled about the credibility of the usage of colloidal silver as a disease treating agent in the recent times. There has been scare-mongering with the risk of developing side-effects like argyria, which is a condition of excessive silver accumulation in the body, systemic or local, leading to a grayish tinge. However these side effects are well-known to be the result of poor home-made Colloidal Silver.

However, like any substance that has the potential for healing has a tendency to breed ill-effects in over or under-usage, colloidal silver too, in optimal and monitored usage shows health benefits and adverse effects when used indiscriminately.

There are several silver formulations in colloidal form available in the market of alternative medicine, offering antiseptic properties and additional health benefits. Formulations have been carefully manufactured to avoid any chance of occurrence of side effects like argyria, by including low concentration colloids of silver and producing an effective concentration that is non-toxic on the human body. The products are used for anti-microbial purposes to enhance health by the way of anti bacterial effects that silver effects.

There are products that are manufactured with highest level of standards, incorporating the smallest silver particles that are nano-sized, purest in form with highest bio-availability due to small particle size and increased surface area of particle absorption and highly non-toxic due to formulation with highest quality de-ionized water, and also without the side effects of argyria which is generally caused by colloidal silver particles bound to proteins. Though antibiotics are available today, which are widely used to treat microbial infection, the long-standing usage of colloidal silver in microbial infection treatment is not refuted. There have been unscrupulous instances occurring even in this field, just as in every other real of marketing and business, particularly those related to healthcare products.

Caution has to be exercised while discerning the credibility of the claims and the products manufactured by various dealers, with reliability laced only on credible products offering reasonable benefits and not those dubious claims made by the unscrupulous dealers. Colloidal silver, nevertheless, is a health realm that has been exploited over the years and still finds credible usage in various parts of the world.

Mar 192012
colloidal silver water

Good quality colloidal silver is (in simple terms), is microscopic particles of pure silver suspended in pure distilled water. It is recognized by many, as extremely fine particles (measured in nano units or nano particles) of pure silver suspended in pure, distilled water.

The History of Colloidal Silver:

What is Colloidal Silver?Records dating back to 4000 BC in Persia describe of the use of pure silver being used to keep water fresh by storing the water in silver urns or jugs. The ancient Babylonians and Greeks knew the disinfecting powers of pure silver. By storing the water in silver urns or jugs, they were effectivly making a mild form of colloidal silver.

The Romans and the Ayurvedic people of India were also very aware of its benefits for healing purposes, and used it in dressing to heal wounds.

By the early 1800′s it was commonly believed that dropping a silver dollar or coin into a milk container would help keep the milk from going off for longer. Doctors later prescribed sitting on a silver dollar to aid in arthritis (although this later proved to be in-effective).  It was recognized by many doctors, as effective against many diseases and bacteria up to around 1938. Thereafter the price of silver became too expensive to produce in its pure form.


In Use Today:

The rediscovery of it’s healing properties came to the fore around the late 80′s, and early 90′s, but didn’t gain much recognition until recently, where medical and scientific studies have shown remarkable results in its effect against bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogens.

There are claims that silver based medicines, and treatments can help cure a great many deadly diseases. Whist there are scientific and medical studies being published more and more, there is still a great deal yet to learn, and even more bureaucracy to cut through before the “officials” recognize the benefits of this “natural antibiotic” – as some may say.

Silver particles are being adopted in a range of products across many business sectors. Nivea have released a whole product range from moisturizers, to antiperspirants.

Samsung released a washing machine with micro-silver filters which they claimed was anti-microbial. They also produced their latest range of fridges with silver particles built-in that helps keep food fresh for longer.

Clothing stores like Marks & Spencer, as well as sports clothing manufacturers are coming out with a wide range clothing with silver stitched into the clothing that aids in the prevention of body odor – not to mention preventing bugs from surviving for long.

Band-aid, and medical strips which contain silver particles in the dressing have been readily available for a several years now – all which aid in the healing of skin wounds.


Hospitals have used silver dressings for a several years to disinfect new-born babies eyes, and to treat burn victims. There have even been recent trials in some UK hospitals to disinfect hospitals from the deadly MRSA virus, and there are ongoing medical studies which show that silver coated catheters and other medical instruments, cut the number of infections in patients.

In the Kitchen:

There are a number of testimonials on forms and some websites that show that spraying fresh food with colloidal silver spray has helped to keep their produce fresh for longer. There are also reports of using colloidal silver as a disinfectant on counter surfaces, and food preparation boards.

Space Stations:

NASA use silver filters for air and water purification in their manned space craft and the international space station.

The down side:

Apart from the obvious speculation in contrast to the overwhelming support from users of colloidal silver, there are a few things to be aware of:


Not everyone can take colloidal silver, or products that contain metals. some people have an “allergic reaction” to iron, and feel nauseous. the same applies to most metal-based supplements. If you’ve taken iron supplements, and you’ve not had any side-effects, then its probably safe to say that you probably wont have any kind of adverse effect from colloidal silver, or other metal-based supplement. However, it’s wise to say that you should check with your natural health practitioner before trying it.


There was a lot of publicity about the senator who made his own home-made version of what he considered to be colloidal silver, and his skin turned blue. There’s another case of Paul Karason who did similar by creating silver chloride by adding salt to the brewing process, and also turned blue. In both cases, it became clear that  they were making their own version of what they thought was colloidal silver, and they took their version of the product for prolonged periods of time.

There is also an argument that if your skin turns blue, it is permanent, but there is a formula for reversing the effect using selenium to reverse the effect.

What has become clear, is that it really was a case of “Blue Man Fraud” to scare people away from using colloidal silver at all. it also became knowledge that the news publication was paid for by a big name pharma company to scare the public. So instead of proving through scientific means (as pharmaceuticals are supposed to do), they chose to scare the public. Poor taste indeed!

So does colloidal silver actually work?

The question remains: If well-known brand names are using silver in their products, and hospitals are using silver-coated instruments, and using it on burn victims (who are highly susceptible to infection), or for people with eye infections, then why is it still considered by many to be in-effective?

To understand this, we need to look at the psyche of the user, and what they look for when they consider taking any product which eludes to a natural antibiotic, like colloidal silver.

Some need scientific proof from authorities, that colloidal silver has been proven to be effective in its fight against germs, bacteria, fungi, and pathogens. Some need loads of testimonials. Some look for statistical evidence, and some look for its availability.

Some are willing to give it a try, and decide for themselves, and then there’s a few people who will spend time researching a product, or topic, and then, once they have decided for themselves that they are satisfied with their findings, may try it, and observe the results within themselves.

There are, however, a number of papers that claim that their colloidal silver products have been proven effective in the fight against a wide range of germs and diseases. These include AIDS, Malaria, Typhoid, Hepatitis, Cholera, MRSA, the common cold, or Influenza, cold sores and athletes foot (to name just a few).

Some seem to have remarkable results, whist others have not put their product through scientific testing as yet. One thing is for certain, to gain any kind of  approval from the likes of the FDA, WHO, or EPA is going to take some time – given their reluctance to even consider testing the benefits of colloidal silver. Then again, some of these organisations are also attempting to ban ALL natural supplements and vitamins. is that really the kind of activity that you would expect from a government body that is looking after your health?

For those people who have taken colloidal silver to aid in the recovery of various ailments of illnesses, there are a lot of testimonials to believe that there must be some truth that colloidal silver works.

The Bottom Line:

There is a lot of evidence in the market place that suggests that there are definite benefits in the use of colloidal silver, or silver-based products – despite what some of the “authorities” say on the subject. If you are considering using colloidal silver, then make sure that you do your homework and research the product. Speak to a trusted natural health practitioner about the pro’s and cons of using colloidal silver, and if all is ok, and it seems that it would be suitable for yourself, then go buy it from a trusted brand that has a good reputation.





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